Quality Policy

DIAGONAL COMPANY SERVICES & SOLUTIONS, S.L., offers its clients the best service with High Quality, Safety for staff and all interested parties and respect for the Environment, in knowledge of their context. It undertakes to preserve the Security of the information through the Information Security Policy. All the people who work at DIAGONAL COMPANY are responsible for the Quality and safety of our work, as well as the nature, magnitude and environmental impacts that it generates.

The Management Policy of the company establishes the reference framework to establish, review and to achieve the objectives, this management was developed through the implementation and maintenance of a Quality Management System based on the ISO9001 Standard, implemented according to the scope defined in the certificate.

The Management defines as a final objective the differentiation of our company creating a competitive advantage that allows us to grow business and achieve a leadership position.

The Management undertakes to be the first to comply with everything defined in the Management System. The leadership of the Directorate encourages teamwork and the commitment of all staff through communication and training. It is the responsibility of the DIAGONAL COMPANY Management to ensure its strict compliance, providing the necessary resources to carry it out, being able, at any time, to take the necessary corrective actions to achieve it. Specific:

  • Regarding "Quality", the purpose of DIAGONAL COMPANY is to have a committed and flexible organization that allows us to respond both to the needs of our clients and to those applicable unspecified requirements, exceeding their expectations.
  • Regarding the Environment, the commitment of DIAGONAL COMPANY to protect you, rationalizing the consumption of resources and energy, as well as to prevent possible contamination of soil, atmosphere and water, so that activities are executed and managed in an efficient manner and sustainable.
  • Regarding the prevention of occupational risks, DIAGONAL COMPANY is aware that the health and safety of the personnel contributes to the execution of our business activity, and is committed to providing safe and healthy working conditions, guaranteeing the prevention of damage and deterioration of health, for which it preserves and develops human resources and focuses its efforts on eliminating or reducing the most relevant risks, as well as providing the necessary resources to implement opportunities for improvement.
  • Through its Equality Plan, DIAGONAL COMPANY has acquired the commitment to integrate equal opportunities between women and men in the organization as a basic and transversal principle.
  • This Management Policy is based on the following principles:

    1. Commitment to Continuous Improvement of the effectiveness of the Management system, as well as compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, contractual obligations, including quality and environmental and occupational risk prevention that affect DIAGONAL COMPANY, as well as others requirements that the organization subscribes, that allow a constant increase in the efficiency and effectiveness of the DIAGONAL COMPANY management system, therefore, thanks to our management system, these requirements are identified, adapted and implemented.
    2. Plan the Management System taking into account the analysis of internal and external factors to the organization, as well as the needs and expectations of the interested parties, and risk management to ensure that the Management System achieves its planned objectives, to prevent or reduce unwanted effects, carrying out the appropriate measures that guarantee that these are taken into account in our continuous improvement process.
    3. Know and understand the current and future needs of customers, which allows reaching or exceeding their expectations through proper execution of tasks in a timely manner, keeping you always satisfied.
    4. We must satisfy 100% the expectations that customers, employees and other interested parties have in the services we provide, and that these are covered, making them feel satisfied with the treatment received in each and every one of the areas of our company.
    5. Dialogue with our clients, staff, suppliers, and other interested parties to detect opportunities to improve our services, supplies and processes.
    6. Eliminate and reduce the main dangers and risks of our organization in terms of ORP, especially in relation to:
    7. Carry out an exhaustive control of the maintenance of the facilities to address the risks of electrical contacts and fire risks.
    8. Maintain order and cleanliness in all workstations that reduce the risk of bumps and trips and improve the efficiency and operability of your processes.
    9. Commitment in relation to submitting to Consultation and Participation processes of workers, through their representatives, of all relevant aspects related to the Occupational Health and Safety Management System.
    10. Teamwork and permanent development of staff, carrying out internal training, awareness and training that seek full involvement using their capabilities for the benefit of DIAGONAL COMPANY, providing the necessary human resources, adequate skills, suitable infrastructure and financial and technological resources. that are necessary.
    11. Pursue equal opportunities between women and men by providing the necessary resources, both material and human, for the implementation of the Equality Plan.
    12. Coordinate the activities of suppliers in matters of prevention and the environment in order to ensure their safety within our facilities and joint work based on current legislation, establishing a relationship of interdependence between suppliers and DIAGONAL COMPANY that provides added value in all services offered. Those suppliers subcontracted by DIAGONAL COMPANY will be watched over.
    13. The analysis and action on the causes of the problems detected, to prevent them and avoid their repetition.

    The Management assumes the commitment to implement, maintain, disseminate and make this Management policy available to the public.

    In Barcelona, ​​May 2021