The DIAGONAL COMPANY Group is today one of the leading groups in the field of mortgage management in Spain, based on an integrated digital management of the Mortgage Process, works with major Financial Entities (collectively represent about 90% of the total share of the country) and all existing mortgage management models in the market, operating either in the area of Pre-signing, Signing and Post-signing.

Legal & Normative Compliance

The DIAGONAL COMPANY Group has the most innovative solutions on the market and has extensive experience in the legal field:

  • Testamentary both in relation to the services required by the Financial Institutions (with innovative proposals such as the GIT Service of Attention to the Heir), as giving support to Insurance Companies, Tanatorios, Notaries...
  • Regulatory Compliance in the preventive field, monitoring of operations and clients (mystery shopper ...)
  • Validation of powers
  • Judicial procedures concerning claim amount
  • Judicial repossession
  • Closing accounts and / or start filing lawsuits process
  • Control and monitoring deadlines of lawyers and solicitors
  • Judicial and Administrative Communications.

Estate & Recoveries

DIAGONAL COMPANY is also a reference and leading company in the field of property management working with the main Entities and Real Estate Platforms. With the widest range of services in the market, from the previous actions that involve the adjudication, or the effective entry of the assets in the balance of the entities (possession), until their final sale and / or full management as assets assets throughout The time the assets are held by the entity.

To emphasize the Voluntary Take-over Service, as a mediation service in which it has been a pioneer in our country, and has made it possible to peacefully and voluntarily recover more than 15,000 homes if a single conflict, or claim.

Recently it has also developed a new social mediation service "Verification of Vulnerability and Mediation of Supplies" for Supply Companies.

Other Services

DIAGONAL COMPANY provides various other services, to both stable or in a punctual basis and regarding either small activities as complete areas such as:

  • Internet Banking
  • Public Administration Management Agreements
  • Control processes for awarding estate, dations ...
  • Campaign Management Entities
  • Mortgage Review records for securitization or otherwise
  • Review records investment funds (MiFID compliance standards...)