The DIAGONAL COMPANY Group was founded in 1997 and although in the beginning focuses on mortgage management, from its origins is born with fundamental values that still form and a vocation for leadership which led in a few years to become a clear leader in outsourcing processes and advanced financial & legal services, managing processes of value for its customers.

Highlight as major milestones:

In 2004 takes the first step for its internalization, being implanted in Portugal, currently leading the market in various services such as mortgages.

In 2007 the JZI International Group, private investment firm that controls more than 90 companies with more than € 6,000 million in long-term capital enters its shareholders as a stable partner, and taking most of its its shareholders shortly after, financially strengthening the group to accelerate growth and consolidation.

In 2009-2010 with the aim of consolidating its leadership in Spain and diversification into new services, acquires several local companies with a strong regional presence and expertise in particular areas, primarily in the legal field and recovery areas.

Con el fuerte crecimiento interno y las adquisiciones realizadas Diagonal Company conforma hoy uno de los principales grupos de Externalización Bancaria especializado en la actualidad, principalmente, en el ámbito Hipotecario, Jurídico, Inmuebles y Recuperaciones.

Finally, in December 2015, the Servinform Group, company with presence throughout the Iberian Peninsula, leader in multiple areas of BPO in the banking, insurance, healthcare, telecommunications, utilities and public sector sectors, entered into the shareholding of DIAGONAL COMPANY, reinforcing both its technological solutions and Providing the most advanced know-how in the industrial sector of the BPO. Conforming together with the rest of the Group companies a true leader in the field of BPO in the Iberian Peninsula.

  • Graddo: Back Office and Digital Transformation Processes
  • BPO Solution: Contact Center
  • DIAGONAL COMPANY: Advanced Financial & Legal Services